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Usability Review



A professional assessment of your product using the ten heuristic guidelines that are the foundation of good usability.

Start with a workshop to define your main areas of concern and conclude with a discussion of specific areas for improvement.

01. Make status clear to the user

Make the context clear and offer useful feedback when the user completes an action or makes a change.

02. Speak like your audience

Avoid jargons and concepts that the user may not be familiar with. Confused users will head to your competitor.

03. Allow the user to roam

Make it easy to navigate flexibly. Include actions such as back and undo so users can browse freely.

04. Be consistent

Use consistent language and concepts  throughout the experience.

05. Prevent errors

Eliminate scenarios that can cause errors. Set expectations for potential actions available to the user.

06. Don’t make them remember 

Make information and explanations easily available. Users are less taxed when they can recognize rather than remember.

07. Design for efficiency

Users have different levels of expertise and familiarity with your product. Provide opportunities for efficiency and shortcuts when possible.

08. Design is functional

Every element of design should contribute to the overall purpose of the site and goal of your users.

09. Show how to resolve errors

Any errors should be accompanied by clear explanations and direct instructions for recovery.

10. Make it easy to get help

It’s best that help won’t be needed, but if it is, make it obvious and easy to find for your users.

Quick Usability

We enable our clients to make design decisions based on usability data gathered quickly and cost-efficiently via professional UX research methodologies.

We collaborate with product teams to understand questions and then turnaround usable data in a short research cycle.


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